It's Time to go Deeper

Two identical Session each Wednesday from July 31 @ 2pm and opening night at 7:30pm 

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31 July (2pm and 7:30pm) - My Creator

— The Biblical record tells us that through Jesus all things were created (Col 1:6). In creating the world, God gives a weekly memorial called the Sabbath so we wouldn't forget our origins, where we came from, and just how special we are in his eyes. 

7 Aug (2pm and 7pm) -  My Rest 

- The Sabbath was made for the benefit of people. How do we ensure we get the most benefit from it? How do we keep the Sabbath, and how do we remain in good health? 

14 Aug (2pm and 7pm) - My Hope

-  There is nothing more heartbreaking that having to say goodbye to a loved one who has died. But where are they now? Is there hope that we will see them again? The incredibly good news is that at the Second coming of Jesus . . the dead in Christ rise first.   

21 Aug (2pm and 7pm) - My Peace

- If you have ever been wronged you want to see Justice. And being wronged you want to see that it doesn't happen again, you want peace. This session you will discover how justice is taking place right now, and a peace that will last forever. 

28 Aug (2pm and 7pm) - My Lord 

- What does following Jesus, and making him Lord of All mean? How does it affect our relationships, our finances, the way we use our gifts and talents and our witness. Making Jesus Lord of all is how we can live for his Glory. 

4 Sept (2pm and 7pm) - My Community

- Jesus is the head of the church, so a church community is something we are to be a part of. So how can I find God's true church? How do I discover the role that God wants me to play in His church. 

11 Sept (2pm and 7pm). My Mission

- God has a special message that is to go to the world before he comes. He has asked you to help spread this message, and make disciples. Will you answer this call? 

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