Worship Services

10am. Bible Groups and Kids Programs.

We meet each Saturday (Sabbath) morning starting at 10am when “Sabbath School” begins. Meeting together for a vibrant song and a short introduction to the theme of the day. By 10:15 we begin our small groups and kids programs.  

For the kids, from newborns to teenagers and youth, this is a time when each age group has a fun Bible based program especially designed for them.  At the same time there are young adult, parent and many adult Bible discussion and study groups. These groups pray, care and share with each other as well as discuss topics from the Bible that speak to modern day life.

The Family Worship Service starts at 11:30am.

This is the time the whole church is together to praise and worship God. We do this through singing and music lead by a worship team, prayer, reading from scripture, a ‘story time’ for the kids, giving an offering (you are free to choose whether you give or not), special music and drama, and an inspiring relevant message from the Bible focused on Jesus. The service usually goes a little over an hour. Once a month this is followed by a vegetarian fellowship lunch.


Attending a church for the first time can be daunting and a little intimidating.

 Questions arise “Will they accept me? Will anyone talk to me? I know very little about the Bible does that matter? I think God exists, but I have my doubts”.                   

We get that.

At Morphett Vale Adventist Church, we are all on a journey, but are at different places. We try hard to create a ‘come-as-you-are’ culture – a place where people are authentic and accepting. We welcome everyone whatever their background or questions they may have, and wherever they may find themselves on their journey. Morphett Vale Adventist Church is a safe place where you and your family can explore God and the Bible together with us.

We have found that having a relationship with Jesus and following him has greatly enhanced our lives, and we deeply believe that it will enhance yours as well. Hence, we create our services with you in mind.

If you are thinking about a visit here are some questions you may have.

Where can I find you?

Morphett Vale Seventh-day Adventist Church is located at 130 Pimpala Road, Morphett Vale South Australia. We are on the campus of Prescott College Southern School.

Where will I park?

There is ample parking at the front of the church and also at the carpark located by driving up the entranceway at the left of the church.

What can I wear?

Clothes – come as you are – be who you are! (shorts, jeans, business casual, ties, t-shirts – you’ll find it all). We want you to feel comfortable. A few of us may dress up a little as we come ready to encounter God.

Times and location?

We meet each Saturday

  • 10am for our Bible and Care Groups and Kids programs.
  • 11:30am for our Intergenerational Worship service.
How long are the services?

Our Saturday worship service will run for a little over an hour

What does a Church service look like?

A typical service will have some singing and music lead by a worship team, some creative features, a greeting, giving an offering (you are free to choose whether you give or not), relevant teaching from the Bible focused on Jesus, life and how to live life to the fullest. Perhaps some random video clips and other media. (See The Family Worship Service for more).

What’s the music like?

We’ll feature both contemporary songs and hymns with a variety of different music styles and worship groups.

Where do I sit?

Feel free to sit wherever you feel comfortable.

What do you offer for my kids?

We have specific age appropriate children’s programs from 10am where children are encouraged through discipleship to a lifelong faith in a loving community through worship, prayer, stories, and singing. Our worship is multi-generational allowing our families to worship together as one.

Why do you go to church on Saturday?

Because Jesus did. He invites us to do likewise by making the Sabbath a special day in which we unplug from the pressures of the week and plug into things that really matter, our relationship with God and other people. He gave the Sabbath to us for our benefit. (Mark 2:27).

Why is the church located on the campus of Prescott College Southern? 

Both are owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South Australia. We work in partnership together. 

What can I expect if I come to church?

A friendly relaxed atmosphere where you will be warmly greeted and most welcome.